T.T.P.C Pick & Mix


16 Melts of your choice or a random mix! What will you choose? This is the only way to get scents from multiple collections in one product.

PREMIUM SCENTS (Max 8 per box)

AK Lodge
Burning Rome
Galaxy's Edge
Grand Floridian
Hitchhiking Ghosts
Hollywood 1939 
Lights, Cars, Action!
Magic, Wonder, Fantasy & Dream
Meet Me In The Fog
Norway Pavilion
Phone Home
Pirate Waters
Polynesian Resort
Pop Century
Port Orleans
VooDoo Maple Bacon Donut
Wilderness Lodge


Adventure Is Out There
Around The World
Bakery On Main St.
Be Our Guest
Bertie's Beans
Blue Milk
Blueberry Cheesecake Mousse
Bubblegum Wall
Canada Pavilion
Candy Store On Main St.
China Pavilion
Chocolate Frog
Coffee House on Main St.
Drinks Fountain
Figment Skunk
Flower & Garden Festival
Flower Store On Main St.
Food & Wine Festival
France Pavilion
Gaston's Tav
Giant Baby
Goofy's Cotton Candy
Green Milk
Grey Stuff
Happily Ever After
Homer's Donuts
Ice Cream Parlour On Main St. 
Isla Nublar
Italy Pavilion
Japan Pavilion
Jungle Boat Cruise
L.F's Brew
Lotso Bear Hug
Magical Beer
Mexico Pavilion
Morocco Pavilion
Oh, Bother!
Orange DW
P.Pan's Float
Philarmonic Bubbles
Philarmonic Pie
Pineapple DW
Popcorn Cart
Popsicle Wall
Rice Krispie Treats
The Blue House
The Green House
The Library
The Red House
The Yellow House
TL Speedway
UK Pavilion
USA Pavilion
Walt's Office
Writer's Stop Cookies

For more information of what each scent is inspired by and smells like, you can visit our Theme Park Collection scent guide here