The Theme Park Collection Father's Day Gift Guide

The Theme Park Collection Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is just around the corner, so we have compiled this handy list of gift ideas for the father figure in your life. Here we go...

Lights, Cars, Action!
Ahhh, what a show this was! Located in the Backlot area of Hollywood, you were sure to get a kick of adrenaline from watching these thrilling chase scenes. But unfortunately, all good things must come to end. Removed to make way for a world at the edge of the galaxy, you can still get your fix of this classic show with this engine oil scented wax. It packs a punch, are you ready to embrace the chase and invite the scent of the show into your home?!
Smells like: Engine Oil

Lights, Cars, Action! Candle Lights, Cars, Action! Pot Shot

TL Speedway
We all know that smell! Sitting down in those cars ready for the race to start. Buckle your seat belts and give it your best shot! This wax packs a punch, those of you who love the smell of petrol will LOVE this!! It's a delightfully fruity & mechanical smell!
Smells like:
 Fruity Petrol

TL Speedway Candle TL Speedway Pot Shot

Pop Century
Inspired by the pop-tastic hotel lobby. Take a tour through the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80s to revisit your vacation memories from the comfort of your own home. Anyone fancy a game of giant foosball?
Smells like: The lobby of the hotel

Pop Century Candle Pop Century Pot Shot

Meet Me In The Fog
Experience the thrill of the fog straight from your own home.
This blend of fresh, musky and spicy notes perfectly captures the ambience of the real thing.  It will bring you memories of fresh air, pyrotechnic fog and that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is coming to get you.
Smells like: HHN Fog

Meet Me In The Fog Candle Meet Me In The Fog Pot Shot

Phone Home
Hop on your bike and come with us on a journey to get you home. With woody & earthy notes, this blend will take you on a walk through the forest. Add in the galactic vibes and some metallic notes, you'll be looking skyward to see what you can see in space. Oh and can I borrow your phone, please?
Smells like: The ride!

Phone Home Candle Phone Home Pot Shot

Galaxy's Edge
May the force be with you. This scent pays homage to one of the newest areas of the parks. Whether you have stopped by to build your own droid, do a spot of shopping at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities or you've come by to join the Rise of the will leave wanting more. This galactic mix of metallic and ozone notes, with elements of Plum and musk, will take you right back to walking through Batuu on a hot, hot day.
Smells like: Metallic, ozone type notes with hints of Musk & Plum.

Galaxy's Edge Candle Galaxy's Edge Pot Shot

We asked out brand reps for The Theme Park Collection to share with us what they would choose for their nearest & dearest. Be sure to check out their Instagram feeds for some money off your order. 

@genuine_fakes said:

"Unfortunately I've never met my dad, but luckily enough I was brought up by my grandparents and it's them who took me to WDW as a kid. But I would choose the Popcorn Cart because it was my favourite as a kid and he would always make the time to buy it for me on every trip. I owe a lot to him for being such a huge role model and support in my life and taking me to Disney I will be forever grateful for. Here's a picture of 10 year old me..."

Genuine_Fakes throwback picture 

@bethdoesdisneyy said:

"If I had to chose a scent for my dad it would be either of the Phillarmagic scents. It’s his favourite attraction at Magic Kingdom and one we both enjoy because of the scents and the music! He loves apple pie so that scene is his absolute favourite and always reminds him of Disney!"


And finally we would like to wish all Dads, Grandads, Step-dads, Uncles, Mum-dads, Brothers and everyone in between...a very happy Father's Day, you're the best!

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