The Theme Park Collection - Collection 5

The Theme Park Collection - Collection 5

Launched in February of 2021, we brought you the fifth collection of our Theme Park range.
Here's a little breakdown of what we've included in this collection:

Bubblegum Wall
Have you posed in front of this iconic wall? Located in the park where you can walk around the world, it provides a perfect spot to stop and take a quick picture. What does this wax smell like? Bubblegum, of course!

Burning Rome
You'll know the scene, the part where almost all known knowledge is destroyed in the burning of the Library of Alexandria. This unmistakable scent will take you back to the days where you boarded the train for a trip through time, visiting the landmark moments of our technological journey and exploring the tale of humanity all the way back to cave-painting days. As you disembark, don't forget to thank the Phoenicians before you leave.

Gaston's Tav
Situated in this famous tavern, you can grab a bite of their delicious Cinnamon Rolls. Warm from the oven, these tasty treats will satisfy your sweet tooth in a hot minute. Scented just like these rolls, this indulgent wax will bring you notes of smooth Vanilla, Ginger Crystals and sweet Cinnamon Sugar.

Germany Pavilion
Our next stop around the world is...Germany! Inspired by the Karamell Küche, which means Caramel Kitchen. Can you guess what this one smells like? You've got it! It's Caramel.

Grey Stuff
Have you had this delicious Grey treat from the Beast's Castle in the magical park?  This Cookies & Cream scented number will take you back to the dinner table and you can reminisce of tastier times. A sweet mix indulging in the unmistakable scent of fresh cookies with a sprinkling of nutty notes, a biscuit base and decadent Vanilla.

Lights, Cars, Action!
Ahhh, what a show this was! Located in the Backlot area of Hollywood, you were sure to get a kick of adrenaline from watching these thrilling chase scenes. But unfortunately, all good things must come to end. Removed to make way for a world at the edge of the galaxy, you can still get your fix of this classic show with this engine oil scented wax. It packs a punch, are you ready to embrace the chase and invite the scent of the show into your home?!

Popcorn Cart
Another classic snack to enjoy in the park. The unmistakable scent of warm toffee popcorn is sure to make you hungry, if you aren't already after all that walking. Whether you get yours from the cart on Main St or from the countless other spots this treat is available from, this popcorn inspired wax is a great way to remind you of your order and will satisfy your sweet tooth at home. Just a shame you can't eat it.

Popsicle Wall
Have you posed in front of this iconic wall? Nestled in the land of the story of toys, this is great spot to stop and take a picture. Lollipop scented, of course! Super sweet, with notes of Raspberry, red berries and heaps of sugar.

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