The Theme Park Collection - Collection 3

The Theme Park Collection - Collection 3

Launched back in September of 2020, we brought you the third collection of our Theme Park range.
Here's a little breakdown of what we've included in this collection:
AK Lodge
JAMBO! Inspired by the welcoming lobby of the AMAZING hotel, you'll feel like you are on safari in Africa. Head onto your balcony and see what you can see!

Who knows what these little yellow helpers are saying as they are chatter amongst themselves?! Here is your first lesson:
Bello! = Hello
Poopaye = Goodbye
This banana scented wax will set the mood to help you study the language of these funky little guys.

Blueberry Cheesecake Mousse
This triple scented number is inspired by a dessert from a certain canteen. With layers of Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango & Green Tea, your mouth will be watering for the real thing! 

These sweet pastry sticks are so delicious, covered in cinnamon & dipped in melted chocolate. Where is your favourite place to enjoy them? Ours is on Main St, watching the parade. This Churro scented wax will activate your sweet tooth and take you back to happier times enjoying your favourite park snack!

Inspired by the Norway Pavilion, as part of the stroll around the world. This (specific) perfume scented wax will throw subtle reminders of this magical place into any room. If you have been to 'Norway', you'll know the perfume!

How do you bottle the smell of fresh air and pop it into wax? We've given it our best shot to bring you memories of hopping onto the Skyliner after your hotel breakfast, ready for an action packed day.

That Food Cart
Is it Spring Rolls, BBQ Sauce, Tofu? Who knows! Let's follow that scents and find that food cart, it's lunchtime!

Inspired by the lobby of a certain "ultramodern" resort. You'll be grabbing your shoes after a refreshing sleep and hopping on that monorail ready for a day in the park.

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