The Theme Park Collection - Collection 2

The Theme Park Collection - Collection 2

Launched back in August of 2020, we brought you the second collection of our Theme Park range.

Here's a little breakdown of what we've included in this collection:

Inspired by a hotel lobby in the heart of the resort, this AMAZING scent is super fruity and unmistakable. It will bring back memories of checking into your room ready to start your vacation.
Pack your bags, guys! Let's go!

Adventure Is Out There
Inspired by the badge that Carl give to Russ. This Grape Soda scented wax melt will compliment an afternoon spent watching (or rewatching) their journey to reunite Kevin with her chicks. You may even earn your 'Assisting The Elderly' badge, too!

Bakery on Main St.
That timeless feeling of walking past your favourite bakery and smelling all of those freshly baked goods. This cupcake scented delight will have you reminiscing of all those delicious treats you have enjoyed in that magical park. 

Candy Store on Main St.
What is a day in the park without a sugar rush? The smell of the Candy Store will lift your senses and have you running towards those rides. With the scent of Tutti Frutti drifting through your home, you will be able to imagine that you are in this famous spot choosing those sugary treats for the drive home.

Flower Store on Main St.
Whilst not a real store on this famous street, there are still PLENTY of flowers to be seen. In the past, the well known Flower Market drew in the crowds! Let this Peony scented number pay homage to days gone by and celebrate the floral splendour that remains.

Hollywood 1939
Travel through a different dimension to reach The Twilight Zone. The time is now to board the service elevator all the way up to the 13th floor. Take in the amazing view for a few seconds only, before returning to the lobby at great speed. This unmistakable scent will give you that feeling all year round.

Ice Cream Parlour on Main St.
Who doesn't love an Ice Cream break in the hot, hot afternoon heat? With the classic USA style parlour, this corner store will satisfy your sweet tooth in a heartbeat. With notes of Raspberries & crushed Strawberries, a hint of red Cherries & Jasmine, and of course a classic base of Vanilla.

Japan Pavilion
Inspired by the Japan Pavilion, as part of the stroll around the world. This Cherry Blossom scented wax will throw subtle reminders of this magical place into any room.

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